I Am Tasheba Berry


I am the author of Space Station Elementary, owner of Next 2 Mom Learning Center and a Keynote Speaker and Trainer to local and national organizations such as the Early Learning Coalition of Broward County, Family Central, and Florida Family Child Care Home Association. I am an avid chess player and I model my life and businesses after the game of chess. It's my mission to instill the idea that there is always a "next level" that you can reach especially through reading. With this in mind, I created a non-profit organization, Space 2 Launch Book Club, and Young Author’s Workshop. Space 2 Launch Book Club & YAW is a monthly book club for children ages 4-16 who are given the opportunity to meet an author who interacts with them and read their book.


Advocating for high quality services in the early learning environment is a great big priority. I am currently working with the Coalition to support Broward County providers with becoming accredited. I have earned two A.S. Degrees in Early Childhood Education and Business Management and is currently enrolled at the University of North Florida to receive my B.A. in Early Childhood Development. As an advocate for our youth and educators, I also travel across the nation alongside organizations advocating to make the world a better place through business development and early childhood education.

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